Can not receive emails

After long time working with cpanel I decided to give a try to Vmin, so I install Vmin pro in a brand new server under Centos 6.7, everything works fine and actually it is very good only one problem that is holding me to load my websites, the POP3 and IMAP are not receiving emails, I can send no problem but can not receive, scan the ports and they are open, DNS are ok,MX point to the right server, Devecot configuration looks like ok, so after one day reading to this forum any of information that I gathered from there fix the issue, so I decided to ask for help, I’ll be very gratfull if somebody know how to solve this.



i have the same problem, but then noticed something

it seams this problem is only on frst domain created on server, if you add another domain, mail on second domain will work, but not on first one you added

could it be problem cose host name is myhost.mydomain.ext and first domain or only domain is mydomain.ext…

second domain… mydomainsecond.ext works

Any Help please?!


If you’re having problems sending or receiving email – the first step would be to review error messages.

What error(s) do you see in the email client, when trying to retrieve messages?

Do emails bounce when attempting to send them to your server? If so, what is in the bounce message?

And lastly, what shows up in the email logs? Those are located either in /var/log/mail.log, or /var/log/maillog, depending on your distro.


no bounce message…
did not find any error…

will look again today, and see if any bounce message arrives 24 hours after sending

as i said, only first domain, thats also used in hostname has this problem


for some reason i found in settings tls was on…
turned off tls, now mail comes :slight_smile:

Webmin tab
Servers -> SMTP Authentication And Encryption

Enable TLS encryption? -> No

p.s. strange thing was it was affecting only first domain added to virtulmin, other domains worked


Hmm, that is indeed strange, though I’m glad you were able to get it working!