Can not install on Ubuntu 20.04 - tried both Digital Ocean and Vultr

I have tried installing virtualmin on both Digital Ocean and Vultr. I have done this many time successfully - but as of the last few days the install just hangs up or gives an error at phase2 see 2023-02-06_13-28-24. The server is Ubuntu 20.04 any ideas what has changed. I even purchased 10 Licenses though maybe a script issue but still locks up around Phase2. Odd thing is it happens with both Digital Ocean and Vultr. Thank you. Robert

I just ran into this. I just posted in the Debian 11 install thread with the same problem. I just reran the script and it completed.

The error message shows unable to connect to ubuntu servers.

The error in your linked log indicates the system cannot download from the Ubuntu software repositories. Those aren’t under our control.

It’s either a network problem on the VM or a problem with the Ubuntu repos. If it’s with the repos, I assume it is temporary, and will resolve itself pretty quickly.

Interesting. I just reran the script to complete the install and it went OK. But, hung up in the same place on a couple installs.

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