can not create new email user in virtualmin

Here is what I did:

I deleted an email user (coz I think Squirrelmail changed some settings).

Then want to create the same user again. And I get:

[code:1]Failed to save mailbox : Home directory /home/domain/homes/admin already exists[/code:1]

I think the problem is, that Virtualmin did, or does not delete the /home/domain/homes/user/ directory, coz after deleting it manually new creation was no problem.

Was there an error when deleting the user? (And are you sure you didn’t instruct Virtualmin to leave the home directory and just “forget” about the user?)

I did Virtualmin > (Select Server) > Edit Mail and FTP Users > Delete Selected User

I don’t recall any error message (not saying there wasn’t any though). There is a possibility that I got a white screen.

Maybe I can add one more question:

After I created the new user I have only following mailboxes:

Sent mail

…but no SPAM box… I had that before with 1 or 2 users. I think manually creating a SPAM box will not work, as I had never had SPAM in such (and I have plenty of SPAM otherwise).

I suspect the spam folder is going to show up after you receive some spams.

When directed to store an email to a particular folder, procmail will generally create that folder if it doesn’t already exist. In this case, that folder is $HOME/Maildir/.spam .

A not directly related question:

if I want to re-create an existing mailbox and keep all mail messages, can I…:

  1. rename /home/domain/homes/user/ to i.e. user_old
  2. delete the user "user" via Virtualmin
  3. re-create the user "user" via Virtualmin
  4. rename /home/domain/homes/user_old/ back to "user_old"

Will that work?

(I think squirrelmail did some changes to some mailboxes. I will stick to Usermin now)

If you’re interested in preserving emails, what I’d keep is the Maildir folder – $HOME/Maildir (so /home/domain/homes/user/Maildir in your case).