Can not change default virtual server ip


Just asking if anyone can help me with virtual min. After we changed the external IP of a VPS on debian 11, we changed everything to reconfigure the virtual servers, (Changed DNS, already working virtual servers, default ip, resolvconf files, etc, everything).

But when we create another virtualmin server, it assigns the old IP as default, then we must change it again manualy. I don’t know how and where it is stored this IP. Just this where to change default sharedips.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @fpadmin and welcome to the community.

We don’t do that. When Virtualmin detects a change in IP, it displays a message in the Dashboard and offers a single-click option to apply the new IP in place of the old, defunct IP throughout the system.

A single click here and Virtualmin does everything that is necessary. It appears from your description that you did not let Virtualmin make the change in IP but did it manually instead.

The one obvious consequence of your manual intervention is that newly created virtual servers are assigned the old, defunct IP address. There may be other, hitherto unknown, consequences, you should beware.

The first place for you to troubleshoot would be Webmin → Networking → Network Configuration.

Good luck.

That’s only peripherally related to Virtualmin IPs. You tell Virtualmin about what IPs to use in System Settings->Virtualmin Configuration->Networking settings

There’s also a form for changing IP addresses in existing domains in bulk in Addresses and Networking->Change IP Addresses.

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