Can I use VirtualMin email as a smart host/relay for my local LAN?

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 2.0001
Virtualmin version 7.3-1
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Can I setup my (fixed IP) VPS running VirtualMin to act as a smart host/relay for sending email from my home LAN which is unable to send email directly as it is on a dynamic IP. I am currely using Authsmtp for this.

Hello @brianread108 and welcome to the community.

Well, postfix relayhost_maps requires a static IP address to be mapped to a domain for which a server acts as smarthost / relay. This would be the correct way to set up a smarthost.

If you do not have a fixed IP address at home, you will have to go about it in a round-about manner. One such is to manually create a user account via which the home lan will send out mail via SMTP and then manually configure the Virtualmin system to permit that user to relay mail for a set of email addresses / domains. This can become quite tedious if domains need to added and removed frequently.

In summary, Virtualmin does not offer a gui via which this business of relaying mail can be done very easily.

Sending mail does not require a static IP.

No, but if you send direct from a non fixed Ip, many mailservers will reject the email.

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