Can I use domain email as hosting email ?

Don’t know I am post in right place or not … my hosting provider not providing me email as their port 25 is block but my domain provider (BigRock = give me 2 “Free Email Accounts”. Can I use this domain emails as incoming and outgoing mails form my site. Domain emails Outlook configuration ( are given but how can I configure in Virtualmin? Do I need root access for it’s configuration?

Just the other day we had another user who had port 25 blocked by his provider. Basically I’d recommend against using some email accounts you get elsewhere for your purposes. You might rather want to look for a hoster that does not block port 25. (I personally would never choose a hoster who does that.)

You might be able to use your “free email” for outgoing email of your server, by configuring (if your are allowed to according to terms and conditions) your Postfix to use them as a smarthost. But you certainly cannot use them for incoming emails, except you wish to receive email only for those specific addresses on your server. Since you’re talking about “hosting” though, I assume you want to create email accounts for your users. Those will not work with your external email.

So, save yourself the hassle and get a hoster that actually is a server hoster.

Still now I am using my site without any incoming or outgoing mail but as I see bigrock provide 2 emails and I need a domain name so I get one domain name form bigrock but have no idea how do I use 2 domain emails with Virtualmin. One more thing, I just want to create email accounts for outgoing mail, one (admin) for just invite people from site to their personal mail and another (info) for sending info form my site to them. How can I configure this mail with Virualmin ? Do I need root access for the configuration ?

Yes, you need root access to Virtualmin to do anything like that.

If you insist on using this construct with your “free external mail”, you’d need to give us more and very precise information, what domain names and addresses you have where, how you access them, and want to use for what.

How can I configure this 2 emails ( & in Virualmin form Domain emails configuration (…) ?

You can’t. You cannot use an email address in Virtualmin that’s provided to you for use in a client, at least not for incoming email. All you could do is use some POP3 fetch software to retrieve the email and deliver it locally. But that’s beyond the scope of Virtualmin.

Also you could configure Postfix to use your account there as a smarthost for outgoing email, but that’s probably against the terms of usage of your email provider.

You mean to say, 2 emails provide by bigrock is only for interact from public email box to my desktop email box and can not use it for sending emails form my site to public email box ?

Not without hassle and probably violating terms of usage, that’s right.

Hi Locutus,

After you said yesterday, I contact with my domain provider (bigrock) and describe in details that the hosting provider (hostinger), I am using, block port25, can I use their (bigrock’s) free mail for my site as a smarthost. They agreed and what they said are given below beside this I need your help, my brother already told me that you helped him lot. I have add their (bigrock’s) reply and my DNS setting pic with this post. Can you check my DNS and guide me what I have to do next as per domain provider (bigrock).

We understand your concern.

–>> “But can I also able to send and received mail form my site too, after I update the MX and CNAME record as per your screen shot because as I told my hosting provider’s port25 is block.”

You can able to send mails from your site without any issues, by using our SMTP server “” and alternative port for SMTP is 587.

I could see that the nameservers of the domain is pointing to remote server. We are not familiar with the interface you are using, So I suggest you to contact your DNS provider with the details given in the below URL and contact them to configure the DNS settings from your end so that you can use our free email service.

Remote Nameservers : 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS

DNS settings for free email service :

Also I could see that one of the MX record is pointing to your web-hosting server. If you want to use our free email service, I suggest you to remove the “” MX entry so that you can use our free email service with out any issues.

Once you add all the DNS records, please allow 4-6 hours for the DNS propagation to complete post which you can start using our Email Service.

As per my present DNS setting
(Part-1) is form the beginning of the Virtualmin & (Part-2) I added as per domain DNS setting

  1. Now I add 2 nameservers (Part-2) as they said.
  2. Now I delete the MX entry of “” (from Part-1) and a RED line appear above the DNS setting - how do I disable email feature for that ?
  3. I have 3 NS (nameservers) entry - one in (Part-1) and two in (Part-2), do I keep both three entries or delete one form (Part-1) ?
  4. I have 2 SPF ( Sender Permitted From) entry - one in (Part-1) and one in (Part-2), do I keep both entries or delete one form (Part-1) ?

"You can able to send mails from your site without any issues, by using our SMTP server “” and alternative port for SMTP is 587. " - How do I configure this now ??

I can help you with setting up Postfix to use your external email service as a smarthost, though not right now since I’m quite busy at the moment.

I don’t see though how you want to use that external service for incoming email. You can of course point the MX records for some domain to their systems, but then email will get delivered to them, not to your Virtualmin. Except I still don’t understand what exactly you’re trying to do there. Can you give an example what addresses you’d want to set up where and how they should interact?

I’m not familiar with SPF setup, so I can’t really help you there unfortunately.

Also please note that the time I can allot for free help per user is limited, since I do this in my spare time. If this should take longer, all I can offer is personal support via instant messenger / Teamviewer for a fee.

OK. guide me as you are free, no need of hurry for me, I am waiting . . . . .

I give you details (with example),
1-What I have (still now)
2-What I can do (still now)
3-What want to do

I have change the DNS so fur domain providers can guided and I add the (part-2) after the (part-1)

1-What I have (still now)=
I have 2 free mails to use from my domain provider (I wish to made &
still now I created from dashboard of domain control page and I can open it form
still now I created form Virtualmin - Edit Users - Add a user to this server.

2-What I can do (still now)=
When I send a email form a external mail box (gmail) to, I can see it from Usermin (Virtualmin - Edit Users - Click “admin” under Name - ‘Login to Usermin’).
Still now I can not send a email form “Usermin (” to a external mail box (gmail) but
I can send email form “ (” to any external mail box (gmail).

Flow of mail

gmail -->OK–> -->OK–> Usermin
gmail <–OK<-- <–NOT OK<-- Usermin

3-What want to do=
a) In my site, I want to put a button ‘Invite a friend’, if anyone click it, it will accept only email address (any external email address, may be private or public (like yahoo, gmail etc)). A pre-rewritten massage will sent to this address via Usermin( --> ( --> external address.
b) In my site, I want to put a contact page, form where if any one fill the fields (name, email, subject, massage) the massage will deliver to my via Usermin ( --> ( and also sent a reply mail form as per the email field via Usermin ( --> ( --> external address.

Hope I can explain U in details with example. As you can see in ‘Flow of mail’ my incoming mail is ok and my half outgoing mail is ok too. You have to help me form Virtualmin server to domain provider’s server ( outgoing mail.


I would recommend using a provider that does not block port 25. Trying to get around that introduces a lot of complexity into the setup.

If you really wish to use that provider anyhow, there was a discussion a few days ago regarding that… there are two guides within the comments here regarding how to setup an email relay using an account on your provider’s server:

Thanks You Andreychek,

I have already read the post(s) because this one is of my brother’s post with Locutus and you.

I am using the same hosting provider as my brother have. But at that time I don’t have email service provider and now we have. My domain provider give me two free mails which I can use with my site as smarthost and I want to. They guide me in DNS settings too, now I can receive and send half way mail -150 of 200 (means 75%) of work is done last 25% remain. Locutus promise me to guide the rest when he will free.

Flow of mail

gmail -->OK–> -->OK–> Usermin

gmail <–OK<-- <–NOT OK<-- Usermin

I have post more details to Locutus on my previous post.

So you’re saying that already now you can receive email from Gmail on your server? How is that possible if your hoster blocks port 25? Are they only blocking it outgoing?

About your point 3 and your buttons and contact pages, I’m afraid that’s way beyond the scope of what I can help you with. That would definitely require a lot of time and I can’t do that for free.

About the smarthost part… Since I’m nor really familiar with that when it requires authentication, you might want to check these guides I found when googling for “postfix smarthost authentication”:

Google will certainly provide you with more useful stuff. I’m afraid I’m lacking the time now to get into that subject to a point where I can help you sufficiently easily.

And I agree with Eric; the same applies to your as to your brother. A hoster that allows you to use port 25 will save you a lot of hassle.

–>> So you’re saying that already … only blocking it outgoing?
I guess so, either hosting provider only blocking outgoing mail or my incoming mail configuration form domain provider’s (bigrock’s) mail server to my hosting server is done and start working; as I made lots of changes in DNS settings as per guideline of domain providers (bigrock). Whatever it is but I receiving mails form gmail and yahoo (as I test it) to my Usermin (

–>> About your point 3 and your buttons and … and I can’t do that for free.
This just a example, U don’t have to do this part, it will be done by me, a site designer. As a webmaster, you can help me only in Virtualmin / Webmin / Usermin setting.

If you want, you can guide me some simple problems, like -
1->check my DNS pic and guide me if I need to add, delete or edit any more records or not
2->when I delete the MX entry of “” (from Part-1) and put 3 MX entry of us2.mx1/mx2/ (in Part-2), a warning line “Warning - errors were found in this domain’s … email feature disabled if mail is hosted externally.” appear above the DNS setting - how do I disable email feature for that ?
3->I have 3 NS (nameservers) entry - one in (Part-1) and two in (Part-2), do I keep both three entries or delete one form (Part-1) ?

(all from attach pic file DNS.png)


If you aren’t hosting email accounts on your server, then you would want to disable the email feature. You can do that by going into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features, and there you can disable the “Mail for Domain” feature.

If you want a DNS report that tells you if your DNS records are setup properly, you can use, which does a great job at showing any potential problems.

Regarding the ‘NS’ records – you would want one NS record for each nameserver that your domain is using.


You should ask your hoster for a definitive answer if they block port 25 incoming and/or outgoing. Guesswork is not really helpful to figure things out. No amount of DNS configuration will enable other mail servers to send you mail if port 25 is blocked.

About your questions:

  1. Please tell me if there are concrete problems. Otherwise Virtualmin will set up zone files just fine for you.
  2. See Eric’s post.
  3. See Eric’s post.

Also, a generic comment at this point. I recommend doing a lot of reading on the things you’re doing, to get an idea how stuff works. If you’re operating a server, you’re responsible for it, and need a basic understanding of its workings. It won’t help if we tell you everything you need to put into your configuration, you need to understand what that stuff means. And teaching you to operate a server is beyond the scope of what I can do here. :slight_smile:

–>> If you want a DNS report that tells you … at showing any potential problems.
No, I just upload a pic of my DNS record (not report) few post ago (as DNS.png). You guys are expert, so I request to check if I miss any record or add extra record(s) which may collide. May be I can not find but you can detect and guide me to add, delete or edit record(s).

–>> Regarding the ‘NS’ records – … your domain is using.
I have 3 NS,’ this one from the beginning of Virtualmin (in part-1)
‘mb1/’ this two from domain provider’s guideline (in part-2)
do I keep both three entries or delete one form (Part-1)

Your zone looks fine to me, as far as I can tell, but that doesn’t mean that it is. Please let us know if you actually have problems with it! Otherwise, like Eric said, you want to have check your zone. That’s what I use too.

And like Eric also said, you want NS records for those systems that are nameservers for your zone, no more, no less. We can’t say if your three are correct.

Even if we are “experts”, we’re not seers.