Can I see my threads ?

Is there a way I can see the threads that
I have previously started ?

Its just that I have a problem that I think occurred before on a
one of my servers and I want to look at the posts that were made.

Can I list “posts started by this user” ?

You can do this on most forums and I find it very useful.

BTW The problem I have is refused access to mySql for my
server admin user - its in the VirtualMin forum.

This is a big problem for me.

Hrm, after some fooling around with the search – I’d have to say, it doesn’t look like it :slight_smile:

I suspect this is a solvable problem, and once the dust settles down from the big move, Joe can probably just install or configure a module to allow that.

I’ll respond to your MySQL question in your other post.

Have a good one,

Search seems to be generally broken, at the moment. Not sure why. It worked on the devel server. I suspect it’s just not being indexed properly now that the forums are so chock full of tasty old threads. I’m betting the cronjob can’t eat it all in one sitting. I’ll get it fixed soon.

OK, I’ve figured out the search problem. Apparently Drupal puts a limit on the number of items indexable at once. Since we imported tens of thousands of items all at once, the number of indexed items is still way behind. I’m forcing it to run manually, over and over and over again, so it’ll get caught up. Since forums were imported last, none of them were yet indexed, so search of docs and issues were returning some results (but incomplete it seems), but forums were returning zero.

Anyway, will be fixed in mere minutes.