Can I run fsockopen ?


I would like to use a paypal script
but I noticed that it has this warning at the top:

  • This script uses PHP function fsockopen(). Make sure your server supports this function
    call or this script will not work. For more information on fsockopen(), you can visit

I have also seen a script that does the same job but it uses
cUrl instead of fsockopen.

I don’t know if cUrl is “better” than fsockopen or whether I can use
either of them.

How can I find out what my server will run ?


I believe that by default, that should be enabled.

Apparently, some folks disable it for security reasons, but unless you explicitly disabled it, it should work :slight_smile:

As for whether that’s better than Curl? My impression is that Curl provides more options.

So it looks like fsockopen is quick, easy, and built into PHP, while curl is larger and more flexible, but there’s more to figure out and requires that you install curl.

If you’re using a script someone else built – it likely doesn’t matter in the least, just use whichever script you prefer :slight_smile:

OK, Thanks for your reply.

I don’t know why, but I just got the impression that
cUrl was somehow a “better” way to do this job, but I
have looked at about four different scripts today and all of them
use the fsockopen and then fputs() cmds.

So I guess I better use what they are using and not worry about
the cUrl stuff.

Any final advice ?

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