Can I "renew" an unlimited license with a 50-domain license?

My Virtualmin Pro Unlimited license expires in a few days. The box is still a production server, but it serves only a dozen domains and will never again serve a large number. Is it possible for me to just buy a Virtualmin 50 Annual Renewal instead of an Unlimited and have it applied fairly transparently?

Sure, that’s not a problem at all.

I will have to apply the renewal manually, though, so ping me via email when you buy the renewal, to prod me into action on the task. :wink:

Thanks. I’ve completed the renewal order (order number 1780). I was unable to replay via e-mail to (mail rejected).

I’ve loved using Virtualmin. Damn nice job you’ve done.


You may want to send it to (or perhaps, either should work).

Though, info@ should probably work, for future reference, so I’ll add it to my todo list to bug him about that :slight_smile:


info will eventually (I hope) actually feed back to the forum and automatically add it to the ongoing thread. There’s currently a bug in the issue tracker when that feature of Drupal is enabled, however, so it’s off for now.

OK. Renewed, and license updated to 50 domains.

I’ve loved using Virtualmin. Damn nice job you’ve done.

You know I want to quote you on that right? (New testimonials page and front page block will be added to the site soon.) :wink: