can I post to this forum?

I have been attempting to post a legitimate question here and though the site sends back a “has been posted” message, I do not see my message.


Is this working at all?

Okay. That’s better. I wonder if something in my post is causing it to be rejected.

Sorry that you’ve been having trouble! Sounds like something in the spam filtering might have been causing trouble; it looks like your other messages went through, that may mean that Joe was able to correct the problem.


If you post things with domain names in them they are much more likely to be caught by the spam filter. If we disable the spam filter, we get literally hundreds of spam messages a day. So, we just deal with some false positives.

When you post and it says it is queued for moderation, there’s no need to post again…we’ll generally find it and publish it within a day or so. We (me and Eric, mostly) can see all posts, regardless of whether they have been published or not.

we'll generally find it and publish it within a day or so
I wish this is true but isnt. At one occasion you even quoted my post what was waiting for moderation and until today i'm not sure if is public.

I just experienced the same issue, but my post isn’t showing up in my account either, should it show waiting for moderation or ? It was my first post. It was rather detailed. I’m hoping it’s not lost somewhere as I’m unsure I can recreate it. :slight_smile: My brain is already oversaturated researching for the solution. :slight_smile:

I have found if you keep any kind of link out of the post, it works alright. Also, if you have any necessary code, then post something innocuous, then edit in the code. This doesn’t work all of the time, but often enough.

EDIT: I was wrong. I found your other post and published it. I forgot things don’t show up under your post tracker if it’s not published, even for admins (we have to look in the recent content list). I’ve published your post.

If it didn’t say it was queued for moderation, something else went wrong; I don’t see any other messages on your account. What behavior did you see when you submitted your post?

The problem is often with inclusion of “spammy” looking stuff, like links and domain names. It’s a problem, but I haven’t figured out a way to deal with it (we literally get dozens of spam messages every day…they almost never make it through with our current spam settings, but the filter we’re using, Mollom, doesn’t provide a way to whitelist stuff…we just kinda have to accept it’s results, and publish things when they accidentally get caught.

But, I don’t know what happened in your case. It doesn’t sound like the spam filter caught it. Did you get a CAPTCHA? It’s supposed to serve a CAPTCHA when it gets something it thinks is spam. It may still queue it for moderation even if you successfully fill the CAPTCHA, but if it did something else, then it probably wasn’t the spam filter acting up…

OK, we sometimes miss them. We try. The moderation queue isn’t very usable. You can ping us in the issue tracker, if something gets lost to the mod queue.

Thank you for finding and publishing my post. And replying. It worked.

I did get a response that the post had gone thru–no error messages, but it blipped quickly on the screen so I didn’t see much else. I do not recall any CAPTCHA’s but it’s possible I did get one–it had been a long day of researching for an answer.