Can I install VirtualMin/CentOS 8 on AMD Ryzen 7 or 9?

Does anyone have any experience with (trying to?) installing VirtualMin on an AMD Ryzen 7 or 9 server running CentOS 8?

Before I try to engage on this “fight”, it would be very helpful if you perhaps already had this a go? Please share your experience. Thanks!

Sure! Mine is running on Ryzen 7. Doing it again and again as I test environments.

But I would recommend CentOS 7 if you want a better Virtualmin experience. I cannot get Virtualmin to work properly on CentOS 8. Just tried again this morning to no avail.

It is probably a good idea to migrate to CentOS 8 when the next version of the GPL installer comes out. 6.1.1 has some issues.

Thank you for sharing Centaro, much appreciated!

Because of the upcoming end of life of Drupal 8, we need to migrate to Drupal 9. The default install of Centos 8 almost meets all the system requirements of Drupal 9. The Apache version used by Virtualmin on Centos 7 is too low. Centos 8 meets this requirement.

Yesterday I did a quick test on AWS with an Intel Xeon 5 VM. Installation of VirtualMin on Centos 8 went smoothly on minimal Centos clean install.

Only thing I needed to do to get Drupal 9 running, was to replace PHP 7.2 by 7.4. I used the remi repo to do so. So I ended up with a working combination of Centos 8 + VirtualMin + Drupal 9 on an Intel Xeon processor. That would be a LTS solution again.

However, Hetzner currently has a great price offer for a dedicated AMD Ryzen 9 server with 128 GB Server RAM and 2 TB NVMe DC SSD for around euro 85 per month with unlimited data over 1 Gb uplink.

That is an offer worth trying to get Drupal 9 + VirtualMin + Centos 8 working on this server, I would think. But before renting this server, it would be great to know that this would not be a mission impossible…

Well, you can try to get it up and running … there must be a way around it.

You have 2 environments to try … either installing PHP 7.4 on CentOS 7 or getting ViMin to work on CentOS 8. I am sure one or the other will work.

Peace and good luck :peace_symbol:

Drupal 9 requires Apache 2.4.7 (or greater).
I believe that Centos 7.8 + VirtualMin only goes to Apache 2.4.6.
As VirtualMin uses a custom build of Apache.

So I am not sure Centos 7 + VirtualMin would work for Drupal 9.

The best solution would be to have Centos 8 + VirtualMin working for AMD Ryzen 7 or 9. That would be a great long term LTS solution (5+ years). Larger Drupal websites is not something you would like to migrate unless really necessary…

Thanks for the warning that you have some issues with Centos 8 + VirtualMin on Ryzen.

For my current Virtualmin install I used the unreleased 6.2.0 installer on CentOS 8.2 and the script was nearly flawless. But for this or that reason I’ve been missing CentOS 7. I might go back to 7 despite its pending EOL, and I’m thinking a custom Apache build is the new paint job it needs. Problem with that is, I’m lazy and CodeIT’s Apache 2.4.43 repo looks more interesting.

I realize this post is about dedicated machines, but there’s a VPS benchmark article by the guy who developed Centmin that says AMD EPYC processors have instruction sets that the EL/CentOS 8 kernel can exploit better than 7. It makes sense that new-gen Ryzen processors would be similar, or Intel’s for that matter.

The problem is not AMD or Intel dependant. I have both platforms and the same issues. Try using the 6.2.0 installer if you can find it.

The AMD EPYC processors (Rome) are on the official Red Hat 8 support list, however the Ryzen 7 and 9 are not (yet?):

AWS has ECs with EPYCs (but not Ryzens) so what I did here, is spin on an EC with EPYC and installed Centos 8 + Virtual Min + Drupal 9 and that went flawless.

So AMD EPYC seems to be OK for install without any errors.

Unfortunately AWS has no Ryzen machines otherwise I could test this quite simple and fast…

So now I am considering to rent the Ryzen 9 server and take a small investment risk…

Where did you find the 6.2.0 installer?

Here is a CPU bench mark comparision of the servers I can rent from Hetzner and that are more or less in the same price range (euro 60 - 90 per month):

As you can see, the Ryzen 9 looks like a great choice, if in my case Centos 8 + VirtualMin + Drupal 9 (with big custom websites) would work flawless…

Scroll down for the pre-release…

Thanks for the link. The PRE-release note mentions: The repositories currently only support CentOS 7. Hopefully Centos 8 will be added soon…

That info is must be older than the script. CentOS 8 is on their A list now, see line #25 of the script. If you have any reservations you could just wait for the official update which could be any day now, according to a recent post I saw.

Thanks for the info.

I just rented the AMD Ryzen 9 machine with Centos 8.1 minimal and ran the latest stable vm script. It ran without any errors, so that is a good first step!

Now going through all the stuff.

Until now, only 1 issue: let’s encrypt ends with an error that it can not find the ACME file on the URL. What I see, is that the ACME folder is made under public_html but the challenge file itself not. To be continued tomorrow as I have hit the rate limit of Let’s encrypt…

[Added later]: Somebody else wrote that he had solved this issue by manually creating the folders .well-known and acme-challange. After I also did that, the Letsencrypt challange succeeded. Probably some bug in the ACME script for my specific setup?

Here is a screenshot showing the AMD Ryzen 9 CPU and Centos 8.1:

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well if your os supports the hardware you have, I do not see the reason why not? uhm they might be some limitations of the os on versions of the scripts you run but its worth of try :+1:

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