Can I install multiple SSLs on a same virtual server?

OS type and version UBUNTU20
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.2-1
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I have two domains that point to the same server, the first one A record and the second one CNAME to the first domain. I’ve purchased SSLs for both domains and installed SSL for the first one on the server. Now if I open the second domain there will be a SSL warning message. How can I install both SSLs on the same server?

One of the workarounds I can think of is to create an alias server and point A record of the 2nd domain to the alias server. That way I can install SSL on the alias server. However, I think this will create some SEO issue because when people search for keywords of my website, google can give them result of both domains.

Another way to solve this I can think of is to purchase a multi-domain SSL. But before that I’d like to know

1)if it is possible at all to install the two SSLs I’ve already purchased on a same server.

Also, I’d like to know
2) what the common practice is for this.
3) If I go with creating alias server, how to ensure there is no SEO problem?

Besides, when I search for the solution I came across “Server Name Indication”, however, I don’t think it is relevant because it seems to solve the problem of installing multiple SSLs on a same IP, which is already turned on on the current virtualmin version. Can someone confirm this for me? Thanks.

I’ve been playing around with a container that needs proxied. When doing this it seemed to help if I gave it a subdomain name and created a virtual server for the sub domain under the main. That MIGHT give you the ability to do two certs because they are two servers. You can exclude the sub under the first one, at least in the let’s encrypt settings.

I haven’t been in the business for awhile and I don’t know what commercial certs cost now so I don’t know if it is worth looking at other solutions first.

Do you mean two different domains point to the same website that is on one server?

Of do you have Virtualmin running two different virtual servers, one for each domain, but they’re on the same physical server?

You can have 1000 domains point to the same physical server and it’s not going to make a difference if you have each domain on it’s own virtual server. They can each be assigned their own SSL certificate.

Also, you’re Webmin and Virtualmin are outdated. Current versions are 7.5 Virtualmin and 2.013 Webmin.

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