Can I have two databases for a single virtual server?

OS type and version 24
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
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I created a virtual server and thats created a mysql database and its running fine, i manually created another mysql database (for different purpose for the same server) and provided the permissions for the newly created database with the user and thats also working fine. I also configured regular automatic backups and thats also working fine.

But My Issue is: When I restore the backup on to a new test server for verifying the backup, I found only one database included in the backup file (which is created while creating the virtual server), So I had to manually backup the other database and restore it on the test server to have a complete backup.

How do I include another / multiple databases in the backup I have configured ?


You can, but if you want it to be managed by Virtualmin, you should create the other databases in Virtualmin associated with the virtual server.

You can make an existing database owned by a Virtual Server, as well in the Manage Databases page (assuming you have the privileges needed to do that, a domain owner user cannot take over someone else’s database, of course).

search for Creating SQL Databases with independant credentials on a single Virtual Server or you can do the same thing through Virtualmin Pro which will also preserve the users between backups.

I created database from Virtualmin MySQL Database page with root access only, This feature only available on the pro version ?

Manage extra database users - Virtualmin Pro

I have not used this feature yet.

How, if you create in virtualmin it will have owner permission, unless you edit in webmin.

That means you created it in Webmin.

its working, Thanks for your support.

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