can cloudmin do this?

I ahve a dell t310 with 4 intel and 2 broadcom gig-e interfaces. I am looking to do the following:

  1. I already ahve Ad in place…i do NOT need dhcp or bind services. Can cloudmin work in this configuration
  2. I need to be able to use all 6 interfaces. the br0 will be shared among the vm’s needing access to the inernal network. for vm 1 it will only need acess to internal. For vm2 is only needs access to internal. for vm3 I need internal, wan, wifi, dmz. I’ll need to access the shared and 3 of the other interfaces all being separate(this vm is going to be my firewall vm).

Right now the documentation is sparse at best. how do i get the other ineterfaces to be seen inside of cloudmin…i’ve only ever been able tog et one fo them to be noticed when all 6 are plugged into the switch and active.


If you don’t need BIND and DHCP, no problem, you can simply shut them off (in Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown).

Your other question is trickier though – it sounds like you’re saying you want multiple bridges, each with access to different networks?

I’m not sure that Cloudmin can do that setup for you, you’d likely need to manually set up the additional bridges and routing beyond the one which is automatically setup for you during the Cloudmin install.

If you setup your various network bridges the way you want, so that bridge 0 has access to certain networks, and bridge 1 with access to additional networks – you could then go into Cloudmin -> System Configuration -> Network Interfaces -> Set by virtual system, and you can set the “Network bridge on host” to use for that particular Virtual Machine.


oh wow…now i have a really large issue as the machine i have built it’s i/o subsystem specifically to use Linux mdraid10. so cloudmin cnanot make use of multiple network interfaces…oh man i wish i would have been able to find that one out…ok off to vmware i go…thanks folks…i unfortunately have wasted nearly a year and 2.5k on this…:frowning:

can you please add the ability to use multiple nics soon please? hyper-v and vmware both have this capability and i really like cloudmin but not being able to use multiple nics is a showstopper in many of my projects.

We run multiple NICs on all of our VMs through Cloudmin. You just need a bridge on the host for each segment you want to access. Then you can create as many NICs per VM as you want and bind them to whichever bridge (or bridges) that you need.

how do you create the additional interfaces? I need one bridge for the internal network…then i need one for my wifi network and one for my wan network.