Can any one help me

i have two VPS Server with two different ip address , installed virtualmin in both with CentOs 6.

i want to do load-balance and run both server at a time with single domain name…

i already backup and restore server1 contents to server2.
and done editing dns name rout robin .

but every time when i update any new contents ,it appear only on server 2 not on server 2 ?

please let me know how to syc. both server automatically ?? is there any way to syc. contents between both server ?

i want to run both server for low downtime.

thank u.


It sounds like you may need to come up with a way to sync your content between the two systems.

Anytime a change is made, you would have to sync all the content.

Some people automate the process of generating a backup, and restoring that on the other server.

Other users use a tool such as rsync, and setup a script that runs regularly using rsync to copy files from one system to the other.


I am looking for a automatic script , just like i update something on server1 and server2 automatic update that in its system


You can use a tool such as rsync to copy files from one system to another.

Once you have a command line that does what you want, you can go into Webmin -> System -> Scheduled Cron Jobs to configure it to run automatically.

Then, you could have it run once an hour, or some other regular amount.