Can access domain via HTTPS but not HTTP

Good evening.

Im back using Virtualmin after a good few years of having my own server online. I have virtualmin running on a dedicated IP address, I have also setup slave DNS in another location with another IP address and everything works as it should.

my main domain for the sake of this conversation we shall call it is working I can access from outside my LAN and inside my LAN.

If i create a new domain, all records are setup, DNS is sent to slave and i confirm everything is running with a quick check with intodns.

However when i visit it does not display anything however if i visit, i get the default " Your not alllowed to view this page".

It does not matter if i use www prefix or not I can only access additional domain via HTTPS

Im a little bit puzzled any thoughts.

often this is a permissions error.

what website are you running…is it wordpress?

Hi thanks for the reply seems as though i was a little hasty in asking for assistance when it was simply down to a propogation problem with the DNS all is resolved now and websites are showing as intended.

not the error i would have expected from a dns propogation delay…usually that says something like “URL not found”

Almost always, whenever a website doesnt display for a given url (ie the URL is actually resolving, however with an error such as the one you said in your first post), its because of a configuration issue with the webhosting server itself (ie permissions error, no index.html file…stuff like that).

Have you setup your own hosting server with Bind as the master dns, are you just pointing A records from registrar straight at your webhosting server and not using Bind?

If you are running Bind on your server as master DNS, then it may be a communication issue between your registrar glue record and your Bind Master (you might want to look into this and do some checking to ensure a configuration problem isnt causing the delay)

I personally, dont use Bind DNS for internet propogation, just point registrar A records straight at the webserver IP address. That way, my dns propogation times on brand new domains, where i have just added new records, are usually immediate (or very close to it).

Anyway, hopefully you have no more issues.

Yes I’m running my own DNS server. I now have 3 machines running one for master dns, one for slave and one for the websites. it would appear it was a configuration problem as you stated one of the DNS server didn’t receive information from the master server and so sometimes depending on which site i would visit i was getting an error as the DNS hadn’t updated I have now altered the refresh and TTL values and everything is running as it should now. all new domain added to the server are more or less view-able instantly.

many thanks for the your assistance.