Caching quota calculations?

Working on a large server with dozens of domains, a few of which have 90+ users and gigs of mail, I’m finding that the Virtualmin web interface gets irritatingly slow in spots.

For example, upon initial Master admin login, there’s a ~50 second pause to calculate the servers with top 10 quotas before the system summary page is fully loaded. And for the larger domains, the Edit Mail and FTP users can be slow due to population of the Quota Used column of the table.

Does Webmin/Virtualmin have the ability to cache quotas, only updating them… say… once a day?

Hey Joshua,

A fix for this is coming soon…

Hi Joe,

Was this ever sorted?

I am seeing a similar issue on a server with 20-odd domains, one of which is particularly email heavy. Clicking “Edit Mail and FTP Users” requests the page, but the server doesn’t seem to respond within a reasonable time…

Using v 3.83 GPL on CentOS 5.