Caching for PHP, MYSQL


Yesterday I had “Slashdot” like effect on my website.
While website did handle the load - max. 600 concurrent connections - lasted for an hour,
9000 unique visitors / 20000 page views, I fear that more would be problematic.

Is there a way to have some caching installed for PHP, maybe MYSQL?

I wanted to install APC but discovered it doesn’t work with FastCGI.

Any help would be appreciated.


Xcache works quite okay with fastcgi for me.

Thank you Locutus,

Do you remember when you installed Xcache,
did you have to fiddle a lot with settings?


I have installed xcache in my ubuntu and it works.
There is one problem though.
Version that is in ubuntu repository is 1.3.
The most recent version is 3.x

Would you know how to update to most recent version?

If I recall correctly, all I had to adjust in the config was the memory available for caching. Note that if you use fcgi, every virtual server gets its own instance of xcache, with its own set of memory.

As for version, for production web hosting software I always use the versions shipped by the Ubuntu distro I use (12.04). Fiddling with newer versions from custom repositories etc. can break stuff really good and I’d recommend against that.