Cache in Wordpress not working, new install of Virtualmin

Hi there, I am a new Virtualmin (minimal) user with a VPS of 1 GB Ram, 25 memory.

I installed wordpress in a virtual server created with (Virtualmin) and it works, but my prefered cahe plugin doesn’t…

I use Swift Performance Lite. When runing the setup wizard I get the following errors:

Timeout test:
Test timed out (error).

Loopback is disabled.

And the plugin doesn’t cahe any pages.

I am with DigitalOcean and when installing Wordpress through their one click install I don’t get this errors.

What can I do to fix this? Is it possible to fix them?

Thank you.

Upon further investigation it seems that Cache doesn’t work at all with any WordPress plugin not just with Swift.

What am I missing? It’s a fresh install.

Help will be appreciated.

I have similar problems.
cache systems are not working properly and my sites open very slowly
I would be very glad to help with this

I run Swift Performance Lite on many sites created under Virtualmin no problem.

What versions of PHP and Swift Performance Lite are you running ?

I use the plugin called WP Super Cache, now.
But I can’t see any changes as Performance