BugGenie with fcgi

I’ve had some issues with the issue trackers that virtualmin offers the installers for. Decided to try something else. Nothing in VM but hoping to get some advice where to look.

I downloaded the tracker and set it up.

It will not work in fcgi more. PHP needs to run in normal mode as apache.

There are no errors that i can see in the log for the site. I just get a blank page.

Switching PHP to running as apache it works again.

I’m no PHP pro. Anyone have suggestions what to look for?

There aren’t too many entries about the fcgi with BG that I can find. One thing I saw in the BG forums that was interesting is that there is an issue of sessions. When BG is running as Apache, the sessions are stored in /var/lib/php/session. I look in there and I can see my active session. When running as fcgi, the php.ini says to place the sessions in /home/mysite/tmp but there are no sessions in there. That path is owned by “mysite” and is writable so I am not sure why nothing is in there. I looked at php.ini and it shows the path for session.save_path in the correct place. Is there somewhere else that says where to store the sessions that could override these other directives?


Just to verify – when you’re using FCGID mode, are you looking in $HOME/logs/error_log for any errors? That’s where they should show up, if there are any.

Where you looked is the correct place to check for where sessions are stored.

Also, do you have the same problem with CGI mode as you do with FCGID?


Yes, I was looking in there. Nothing.

Funny thing is that when run as CGI, it force downloads any pages.

It’s a dev server so, if you like, you’re welcome to contact me offline for credentials to tinker with it and see for your self. This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

I know you’re all busy working on support for CentOS 7 but was curious if you had any other ideas.