;BUG: Usermin webmail not working, because of missing .tmp dir for all new mail users


i use latest auto updated Virtualmin server.
When I create new (just) mail user, everything works from desktop clients, but usermin webmail does not.
When I create to compose, move, … etc mail, i get an error like this:

Failed to open /home/xxxx/homes/xxx.test/.tmp/.tmp_MTc2NjNjYTEwNGMzYzkwN2Y5ZmYxYTU5NjVhNjI0OTc_usermin_redirected_xxx.xxx.xxx for writing : No such file or directory

If I manually create /home/xxxx/homes/xxx.test/.tmp/ and set appropriate ownership, everything starts working as expected.

I think this is a bug. Should I file it? Will it ever be addressed even if I file it?
Can I fix it myself?

I have opened a bug for this:

I can confirm the issue…