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@staff Hello guys,

I think it would be cool to have bug reporting category here somewhere in forums, perhaps in bottom or something where people would be able to post founded bugs. Also tag could be assigned to it something like bug-report ?

Preset of the table could be something like this:

Please include in your report:

- The exact and complete text of any error messages printed or logged. This is very important!
- Exactly what you typed or did to demonstrate the problem.
- A description of the incorrect behavior: exactly what behavior you were expecting, and what you observed. A transcript of an example session is a good way of showing this.
- A suggested fix, or even a patch, if you have one.
- Details of the configuration of the program with the problem.
- Include any detail that seems relevant — you are in very little danger of making your report too long by including too much information. 

Replace <required> including < and > symbols with relevant information. This is very important!

|**Operating System:**| <required> |
|**Webmin Version:**| <required> |
|**Virtualmin Version:**| <required> |


<!-- Describe the bug you found below this line -->

which would result as:

Operating System:
Webmin Version:
Virtualmin Version:

While we will respond to customer bug reports filed via a staff PM, bug reports are generally best handled on the relevant github repo issue tracker (e.g. GitHub - virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl: Virtualmin web hosting control panel for Webmin or GitHub - webmin/webmin: Powerful and flexible web-based server management control panel). It just makes tracking easier and bug reports, other than security, are nearly always most useful to the community when they’re out in the open.

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oh I didn’t know it was moved to GitHub. excellent and thanks for enlightenment.

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