Bug report: Removing DNSSEC alters bind/named.conf.local

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 6.17-3
Related packages BIND

Steps to reproduce :
on a domain with DNSSEC keys and DNSSEC enabled:

  • edit named.conf.local for a specific domain (i.e. allow-transfer { trusted-nameservers; }; for example com)
  • go to this domain’s DNS Options panel
  • chose [DNSSEC signature enabled]: No
  • save

Expected result:

  • DNS Options panel shows DNSSEC disabled, DNSSEC keys absent.

Current result:

  • DNS Options domain panel shows DNSSEC unabled and DNSSEC keys still there
  • in bind/named.conf.local is changed with domain example.com back to default (i.e. allow-transfer { localhost; }; )

Some extra info:

Mmmh I don’t know how to apply the patch but it doesn’t soud like a similar problem. Ons is about disabling DNSSEC and mine is about not disabling it.

Also scroll up there and read the rest who knows. :wink:

OP - are you sure that enabling DNSSEC triggers this? Because the Virtualmin code doesn’t modify allow-transfer when that happens…

@Jamie This is when I disabled DNSSEC that this happens. I reproduced it several times and didn’t change anything else so these are the only clues I have.

Actually, have you upgraded to Virtualmin 7.0 yet? It may fix this issue …

I may want to do it when it will be announced.

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