Bug removed without sollution etc

why is my bug report removed ?
without any reason.

The backup bug is a serious prob.
The complete server crashes.
The problem is that it hangs when there are no mysql servers.
the process hangs
next backup time it starts the process and again hangs.
and so on
after a month the server will hang.

Hey Patrick,

It wasn’t removed–no bug is ever removed (unless it is spam or offensive). It was marked resolved because Jamie has added the fixes requested to the next release:


Or is this not the bug you’re after?

Note that you can re-open the bug if the problem persists (or open a new one if there’s a new problem after this one is resolved). The workflow is this:

User opens bug

Developer fixes bug and marks it resolved

User tests for bug in new version and if it is fixed marks it closed. If it is not fixed, he re-opens.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Not many users are following up on the close step, so I go through about once a month and close resolved bugs that haven’t had activity in 30 days or so.

I historically wait until I actually roll out the version that fixes the problem–but that sometimes leaves a lot of bugs open because I can’t remember what was what. I think Jamie has the better idea of closing it the moment he fixes the problem in the code, though it may be a couple of days before that fixed code makes it into the hands of the user.

You can always find the bugs you’ve reported that are waiting for you to close them by finding your name in the list on the left hand side of the bug-tracker front page. Once the new version is rolled out, you can try it, report success or failure and either close or re-open the bug depending on whether the new version corrects the problem for you.

i hope he made a lock file the server had 300GB of data from one site :wink: