Bug found in virtualmin

Virtualmin is broke ever since I tried changing DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) settings now DNS settings aren’t loading and various other sections of Virtualmin/Webmin such as dashboard which just returns this error:

No ending ) found for ( starting at 74

Can anyone help please…?

Fresh GPL install with updates done, currently live sites


What is your Webmin/Virtualmin version? Can you provide a screenshot with error?

Similar issue happened to me this week using the Postfix mail server > General Options (changed the “Local internet domain name” and “Local networks” setting and clicked save. It blew up the Postfix Mail Server screen as well as Postfix. I simply went into the respective settings file, in this case /etc/postfix/main.cf and removed the most recent changes and saved. All was restored to normal operations.

So I would go to your BIND config file and do the same, in this case /etc/named.conf You will see changes made there possibly or the zone file for affected zone possibly in /var/named/.

What server OS is that? What Webmin/Virtualmin version? How did you install Virtualmin on your server? Using install.sh script or manually?

CentOS 7 fresh install using all defaults and install.sh - install went 100% fine. I have Virtualmin Pro but this is on a new test server with GPL 1.940 installed. I am fine as I noted now though - this was just a heads up to anyone using those options on Postfix Mail Server screen (also for myself should I run into this again and search the forums) that may exprience this oddity.

… Postfix mail server > General Options (changed the “Local internet domain name” and “Local networks” setting and clicked save.

I tried it and I couldn’t reproduce it on my CentOS 7. What values did you put to “Local internet domain name” and “Local networks” fields? What about BIND? Does it have the same issue? Can you please provide a screenshot?

Thanks to all for your replies, I found the issue.

When attempting to insert the DKIM in the DNS I didnt think that you have to insert all the copied DKIM info, because im used to cPanel, i think I took out the ) and pasted just the text which broke it!

I would have replied earlier but havent been getting emails.

I installed using the host (OVH) image file to new VPS

Debian Linux 8
Webmin Version: 1.940
Usermin Version: 1.780
Virtualmin Version: 6.08

It seems obvious now but at the time I was moving all my sites to a completely different system from cPanel and I was overwhelmed, confused and panicking at the amount of settings available in Webmin/Virtualmin. This system Virtuamin GPL is great, I can see an admin has total control and choice over absolutely everything! Just a alot to learn in a week.

I should perhaps rename the post to: No ending ) found for ( starting at 74 error
But dont see how I can do it

Spamtester still reports I dont have DKIM even though its in the DNS and it should have been propagated by now

When attempting to insert the DKIM in the DNS

It’s done automatically by Virtualmin. You don’t need to insert it manually. Go to Virtualmin/Email Settings/DomainKeys Identified Mail.