Browser-cert authentication not work

Trying to request SSL thru webmin users > request ssl but all it gives is this error;

A new SSL key was not submitted by your browser - maybe it does not support SSL client certificates.

No matter the browser I use. Also the “key size” option doesn’t give any input for me to actually set it?

OS type and version Alma 9 .
Webmin version 2.010
Virtualmin version 7.5p

Playing around on a new install today still can’t get it to work. Any ideas where can be looking to get it straightened out?

I’m not sure. I haven’t used that feature in many years…I don’t remember the details of implementation.

Are there any errors in the Web Developer console in your browser? I wonder if it’s maybe a theme issue.

Are you running Webmin behind a proxy? That seems like it would also break things, since the proxy would be the TLS termination point.

Nope no proxy. Was doing it before with a fresh install and minimal anything, but normally (as in the attached pic for the console) its full https/enforced hsts w/ preloading. Have been fine tuning things a bit in that area but don’t t think that had a hand in anything. At least, ssllabs and a couple others haven’t popped up with anything lol.

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