BraZZZerS - FastFlux, 24/7 Technical Support

Hey. We are called BraZZZers, and we know three things:

  1. On the Internet, millions of projects, but “calculate” the server of any of them is easy - thanks to the IP-address.

  2. Projects are different. There are some who, for certain reasons, better hide the IP address.

  3. It is possible to make sure that no one knows about the real location of the server. No one - from the word “in general”.

For this, we have FastFlux technology, which will change your IP addresses faster than anyone can track them. We are ready to install this system on your servers and in the future to ensure that it will work as a clock. And we will do it around the clock, since we, unlike most of the services of this type, have real and professional support 24 hours a day, without holidays and weekends.

We are BraZZZers. We are a group of experienced professionals, who at one time separated from another similar company in order to make the quality of our services even better. And we will make you completely invisible, elusive and impregnable.

Now it is more concrete. Except actually FastFlux, we offer you a lot of additional privileges.

1. Qualitative, professional round-the-clock technical support in any time zone.

2. Launch services within 15 minutes after payment.

3. Own control panel FastFlux:

  • with automation of actions and processes
  • with domain registrations - coming soon
  • with automatic billing and notifications - coming soon
  • with instructions for any types of records for domains (MX, etc.) - coming soon
  • and with a lot of other pleasant and useful bonuses, over which we are working hard.

4. The tariff includes server rental, at your service:

  • a set of standard configurations, as well as the ability to select a server with individual parameters according to your request
  • constant protection from DDoS attacks
  • 24-hour monitoring and support
  • Guaranteed communication channel.

5. Absolute bulletproof / fault tolerance. All systems are under round-the-clock automatic and manual monitoring of our specialists.

6. A large database of own DNS-addresses , which is constantly expanding.

7. The ability to create or configure your own DNS addresses with the required geography.

8. We are always ready to meet you and completely create FastFlux for you with your individual settings and conditions.

9. We have the highest uptime on the market. We guarantee this.

10. Support for .bit domains and SSL certificates (getting or creating your own certificate in one click).

11. You choose the traffic receiving port yourself.

12. Our technical support is quite extensive. We will be happy to set up your server, install the necessary software and help with other technical issues.

We are working to ensure that the list of our advantages is expanded and expanded. More detailed conditions we will discuss with you personally and strictly confidential.

Also, we have a keshbek system. If for some reason, for some reason, we can not provide you with the agreed services in full, you are guaranteed to get your money back. It should be remembered that the cacheback does not work in the following cases:

  • If your project failed due to reasons beyond our control
  • If your software is not installed for some reason (in the conditions that we have installed a predefined OS, php version, etc.)
  • If you are blocked by the server after launching traffic directly, bypassing FastFlux.
    Are you tired of the constant failures of the old supplier? Or do you want to receive services at a more attractive price? For us this is a matter of principle. We guarantee that we will pay you less than our competitors. In addition, we have an extremely flexible pricing policy, and we are ready to consider the individual tariff for each of your requests.
    Also, we are working on improving our panel every day. Therefore, new features and capabilities will always appear.

In general, if you are looking for a reliable and optimal provider of Internet privacy services, then you are at the right address. The only nuance is we are absolutely against violence against children and animals, therefore on our servers will never be neither childish nor zoo. And in the rest - write to us and enjoy online invisibility!

P.S. If you are a reseller who is tired of the administration and imperfection of your product, we will happily take on your shoulders your cares for customers. Right now we are developing API for resellers - and you can safely work on our software under your own brand. You will need a minimum deposit, and we are ready to discuss the remaining conditions individually.

Our contacts
Telegram: @brazzzers_sales