Brand new setup, but server blocks sometimes...


Last weekend I decided to reïnstall my whole server from scratch… I installed Centos 6 on it (standard installation without X) and immediately after that install, I have installed Virtualmin GPL with the script.

Everything went like a charm!! I had my webserver up and running again in no time. I made my websites available again by creating new VS with virtualmin for each of them and then just replacing the public_html and databases from my backup.

I also installed PHP APC.

But now I experience this strange problem… every now and then my webserver just stops responding… (everything: the http requests time out, virtualmin doesn’t respond anymore and even my SSH session stops responding). After a few minutes everythings wents normal again.

I just wonder what this could be?? I have only 4 websites running on my server and they are not overloading the server… the speed of my websites even rocks!

Could it be selinux or could it be the firewall? I also experience this problem when I’m working in virtualmin… could it be virtualmin itself?

Thanks for any advice and help.

Kind regards,

Geoffrey :slight_smile: