Brand new install - how to replace self-signed cert so SSL works with servers hostname

can’t really find any documentation about this and since Virtualmin used Webmin as its base I am not sure 1st which form to post in - I chose here, as far as I am concerned Im still wrapping up the Virtualmin install and I do not want to add a Virtual Server as the hosting base machine name. Further I do not see nor can I find at this stage a place in the GUI to do the SSL replacement. WHM and PLESK I can do this in the GUI and am not sure here on this new system - how its done. Seams like everyone would want to do this immediately to finish up the server install - devs -> perhaps bake this into the initial server config setup using let’s encrypt.

I apologize if this all is super simple and documented but I can’t find it even using google (“install” AND “SSL” site:
I do find several workarounds (and I hope this is not the proper way) that involve me creating Virtual Server and adding in the host name of the server to cover the hostname as well like - that may be fine for a single server where I may also want to host with www and mail and whatever… but what if I want 2 or more servers later - this would not be practical or realistic on those other servers - surely there must be some place in webmin to do this - assign a hostname specific SSL to the machine for the purposes of just ADMIN WEB GUI? My OCD is driving me NUTS having to put up what this invalid SSL.

fixed. was not easy but several google searches later - I got the right search query
“webmin replace self signed ssl certificate”
that lead me to this url =

I finally found this
Webmin TAB then > Webmin > Webmin Configuration > SSL Encryption

From there it was easy as I always use this site online = and it helps to generate
CSRs, KEYS and CERTS - then I just upload to the server via FTP into /etc/webmin

I made two files
and using the GUI (Webmin TAB then > Webmin > Webmin Configuration > SSL Encryption), pointed to the files and REBOOT the server.
works perfectly. SIGH!

I’ve moved over from cpanel / whm.

In WHM you were able to request a new Let’s Encrypt SSL cert for the hostname - and then it would go away and poll for one, then install it.

It would be nice if you could do the same in Webmin ?

This page was helpful:'s_Encrypt

However, my (vanilla install) Let’s Encrypt page had different set up to the above screen shot which seems a bit out of date.

Wouldn’t creating a DNS entry for the hostname be enough for it to be issued a cert?