BoxBilling with Virtualmin GPL

I’m thinking of giving BoxBilling a try on a spare server and was wondering if it would work with Virtualmin GPL or would it need the reseller feature available in Virtualmin Pro to work?

I had used Boxbilling with Virtualmin a long time ago. It works fine with Virtualmin GPL. However, an ethical hacker was able to deface the subdomain on which I had Boxbilling installed, for the version of Boxbilling which was available at that time.

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Hey there Niel,

That is worrying. Any chance I can get some info on how this was done? Was the exploit found in BoxBilling itself or in the BoxBilling module for Virtualmin?


I did not bother to get from the ethical hacker information about which vulnerability he used to access the system and this was more than a year ago but you could contact him via Twitter and ask, if you wish to do so.

I feel it was due to a vulnerability in BillingBox and not the Virtualmin module for BillingBox.