Block user from sending emails

Ubuntu 18…04.4
Webmin 2.013
Virtualmin 7.5 Pro
Postfix 3.3.0

Suddenly I have a user sending a tonne of spam from my server. How can I block that user from sending ANY email, but leave the account active?

This problem is with the main system account of one of my hosted domains. I can’t turf it but need to temporarily block email from it while I troubleshoot what’s happening.

Under Edit Users there is an option - Login disabled temporarily.

You might have to restart postfix to see an immediate stop to the spam - or at least that is how it used to be with an earlier version of Virtualmin.

Thanks for the reply.

This user never logs in, but I’ll look at this option as well.

You mean the user never logs in to Virtualmin / Usermin?

Even so, it is the credentials that are managed via the Edit Users screen in Virtualmin that enable the user to access services like IMAP and SMTP.

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