Blank Screen - PHPCoin 1.6.5 on 3.8.4Pro (Ubuntu Lucid x64)


 OS : Ubuntu Lucid (10.04.2) x64
 Virtualmin : 3.8.4 Pro
 Install Script PHPCoin version 1.6.5
 PHP : 5.3.2
 Apache : 2.2.14
 Running Suexec with FCGID


 Fresh Script Install PHPCoin 1.6.5
 Blank screen when clicking on link to
 No Errors Reported


 To enable errors, comment out ini_set statements in phpcoin/coin_includes/session_set.php
      # Turn off pointless "warning" messages, and display errors on-screen
      #ini_set('error_reporting','E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE');
      #ini_set('display_errors', 1);
 Edit Php 5 Configuration for the site in Virtualmin
 Set Display error messages to Yes
 Make sure E_ALL is in the error types to display or
 if you have checkboxes, select the All errors and warnings

 Refresh your browser window pointed at phpcoin
 Should get the following error :

      Fatal error: Cannot redeclare quoted_printable_encode() 

 Edit phpcoin/coin_includes/core.php
 Search for:  function quoted_printable_encode
 Wrap the function with the following if condition :
      if(!function_exists('quoted_printable_encode')) {
           #Original function here

 Refresh browser pointed at phpcoin
 Should display correctly