Blank Admin Backend in Virtulamin after login -- just updated packages

Ubuntu LTS 14.04.5

Stable system for about 2 years now.

I updated all the package the interface asked me to.

Upon rebooting mysql was not running and i could loginto the interface at :10000 but it was a blank page with just he html title “error”

I found out that mysql needed a temp folder created called mysqlfiles vs the files directory it was using – no biggie but i cannot figure out why the virtulamin gui is not loading at all.

could it be a theme issue? If so can i download the new theme files directly if so from where and to what directory on linux?

is it something else?



What’s in the miniserv.error log in /var/webmin? That’ll usually tell you what’s going wrong with Webmin.

Yep thats it, i didn’t know this log was there, thanks!

long story short it was missing a directory same as mysql was


didn’t exist after creating it good to go