Bind9 Zone defaults

Hello, everybody,

i have the following problems, i installed virtualmin on a debain 10 yesterday. Every time I create a new domain I have two entries in the named.conf.local in the zones that allow a zone transfer. These are the IPs and In detail it looks like this :slight_smile:

zone “test.test” {
type master;
file “/var/lib/bind/test.test.hosts”;
allow-transfer {;

I have entered other servers for allow-transfer, but unfortunately these servers are not taken over. Can anyone help me here?


It’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening but servers use port 53/udp to communicate, I would make sure that both inbound and outbound connections are allowed on both servers with port 53/udp.


thank you very much for your answer. I think I expressed myself wrong, it is so that the bind works in principle. I just can’t use virtualmin/webmin to set which servers are allowed for a zone transfer. It seems that virtualmin ignores the user configuration and adds the two servers described above. This seems to be a template that is always used to create the zone files. If I correct the values by hand the bind works without problems. I just can’t find where the servers ( and in the config come from.

Have a look at Webmin/Servers/BIND DNS Server/domainname/Edit Zone Options and there you would be able to edit allow transfers:

I just can’t find where the servers ( and in the config come from.

It’s in Virtualmin/System Settings/Server Templates, template name and BIND DNS domain option on dropdown.

Hello, Ilia,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. After I added an allow-transfer option via Virtualmin/System Settings/Server Templates the mentioned servers ( and disappeared. Thank you very much

I’m just wondering where these entries came from since these are not computers from my network.

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