Bind proftpd on listening one IP address only

My server has three IPs
one main ip and two virtual IPs which they are used for name servers
let say (virtual) (virtual)
I want proftpd listen on only

I added DefaultAddress in /etc/proftpd.conf and did a proftpd restart
But I still able to ftp thru .2 and .3 ip address

There seem to be multiple issues at play here.

Webmin uses the deprecated directive Bind when trying to set the IP address for a host (I’ll open an issue ticket about this), and ProFTPD seems to ignore the DefaultAddress directive.

I suppose you’re going to have to work with the Virtual IP Address feature to achieve what you desire. Question though is: why do you wish to restrict the listening IPs of ProFTPD? If you don’t use virtual FTP servers, there’s no need to do that.