Bind not running

OS type and version CENTOS 7
Webmin version 2.010
Virtualmin version 7.3
Related packages BIND 9

Good day im having a problem with my bind i get the following errors

zone loading from master file named.loopback failed: file not found
zone not loaded due to errors.
_default/ file not found
/var/named/ NS record '' appears to be an address


Looks like you have an error in one of your zones “”. Specifically with an invalid NS record.

deleted all dns started aftresh with new records then bind started working but when i create another virtual machine bind stop with unknown error

No errors were found in the BIND configuration file /etc/named.conf or referenced zone files.

now but still it wont start


How did you “delete all DNS”?

by editing config file manually then error did not go then i just selected zoned push red button

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