BIND DNS Server Configuration

Ubuntu 20.04 Server

I am building a dedicated server to host my own websites. Let’s say,, and

The domains are registed by
When setting up DNS with namecheap, I assume for
I will need and

I will need and

and so on.

On Virtualmin BIND DNS Server the domains were added automatically.
How do I configure them? Are there any step-by step instructions available?

I think the idea is you run several BIND DNS servers located at and these hold zone records for any website/domain you wish to add, zone files being added automatically by virtualmin for said websites/domains initially to ns1. which can the replicate records to a slave name server, ns2. for example. :+1: :+1:

Do I need two dirrerent IP addresses for

If I use my own Virtualmin name server, will that be faster than using the name servers of the large domain registries like go daddy or name cheap? Faster propagation? What is the main advantage of using my own name server?

They should be run on different systems with one providing redundancy for the other.

One of the reasons Virtualmin includes a bind server is so that zone records can be added automatically for the various services running on the host, meaning you don’t have to fiddle around setting up records with your registrar.

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