BIND configuration: all zones must be in views


I am running Virtualmin GPL over Centos 5.6. Recently I updated BIND to version 9.3.6 as an update package was available for auto installation. After the update I discovered that BIND is no longer running and reporting an error:

/etc/named.conf:[line num]: when using ‘view’ statements, all zones must be in views

This is the line where the zones for the virtual servers begin. They are defined as top-level (not in any view) as the default Server Template of Virtualmin is set so (Server Templates -> Default Template -> BIND DNS Domain -> Create new domains in view -> Top level (not in any view)).

  1. What caused the problem? Why Virtualmin is creating these zones as top-level if BIND does not allow that?

  2. Which is the correct solution? Should I move all the zones for the virtual servers inside the “external” view and change all the server templates to create new zones in external view?

Thanks lot in advance!



Hmm, I haven’t heard of invalid syntax being added before… is there any chance you could open a support request using the Support link above, and in that, attach your /etc/named.conf file, and include the exact error that you’re seeing?

We can use that info to dig into what’s going on there.



Sure… I posted a support request.