Bind config not saved / applied properly. Discrepancy between UI and config files

Having some problem with the Bind DNS configuration not matching with the user interface.

I am running an authorative DNS server on the host Virtualmin is installed on. I am using BuddyNS as free secondary DNS that gets notified and is allowed to transfer.

In my Bind zone defaults I want to set the following:

Allow transfer from:

Also notify slaves:

Notify slaves: yes

This causes the following in the config file:
allow-transfer {;;

    also-notify {
    notify yes;

So, notify hosts are NOT being saved.

Furthermore, EVERY new host I create in Virtualmin gets the following directive in the named.conf.local file

    allow-transfer {

No idea where this comes from. It is wrong and should NOT be there. Localnets isn’t even a valid ACL defined by me.

In the Server Templates part, at Bind the following items are checked:
Automatically add named.conf directives: also-notify, allow-transfer

Unchecking them has ZERO effect, DOES NOT WORK.