Billing and packages automation (alterantives to WHCMS)

After searching, i see that the only account and billing managment platform that supports officially cloudmin, is WHCMS.
Is there any alternative that works, at least for automated suspend if customer not paid?
WHCMS is really a bad solution for many reasons, bugs and cost of usage, and most other alternatives, seem to support only virtualmin.
Any suggestions or experiences with other systems?

I also found AWBS but seems abandoned, with a poor company’s page

In no particular order

You need to check if they support Virtualmin, when you get the information, can you post back with what you find?

blesta, hostbillapp and clientexec support virtualmin, but don’t refer cloudmin (i supose there are differences on the api, as cloudmin does different job). I have asked them by email for more.
AWBS says it support cloudmin fully. But i m not sure i would pay for it, based on the image of their website that seems really bad

There’s an old thread where I did a bit of research on the subject. The landscape has probably changed a lot since then, but might be worth a look, anyway. Billing systems that support Virtualmin

This is about virtualmin, i m talking about cloudmin. anyway, seems that currently the only alternative to whcms is the awbs…

Oh, right. Didn’t notice that!

You’re right, that’s a lot more rare. Once I finish the new Cloudmin installer I’ll look into whether any of the open source billing options that support Virtualmin are still well-maintained and could easily be expanded to support Cloudmin (the API is very similar, so it shouldn’t be a huge amount of work).

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