Better default themes, layouts etc

Came across system manager ajenti which someone said is ‘people are talking about “Ajenti” as a more modern variant of the webmin concept:’

I have to say from the screenshots it looks really nice and looks a massive amount easier and simpler to use then Webmin and as said soo much nicer.

I would love you guys to take cues and hints from this and see about improving Webmin / Virtualmin / Cloudmin to be easier and better looking for end users.

Especially with the theme as the current ‘framed theme’ is very lacking and for presentation you want something catchy that draws people attention in as presentation is the first 10-20% of a user’s willingness in looking furthur at testing and using your product apparently (I have a business 1 and 2 certificate and this was in the course).

I’m sure you guys can do it even if you ask the community to help you make a modern default theme which I have seen happen from companies with limited resources asking the community to translate or provide with graphics etc.

Thinking more about this you could even host a contest for users to create a new theme that the winner gets a year or 2 year subscription for virtualmin pro opr if there already subscribed to pro a couple years free.

That way the community can help make a new modern default theme for you and be your ‘developers’ as I know making a theme would take your resources from elsewhere and like everyone resources are always stretched to the limit, so this is why I am suggesting this and at the same time so the community can have a chance at getting something back in return.

Recently I have seen companies and developers asking users to translate programs for them and do other things as they don’t have the time or resources to develop their code to its full potential.