Beta test a new Virtualmin, Inc. product!

Hi all,

Over the past three months we (and by “we”, I actually mean Jamie; I just looked on in awe and mumbled the occasional “Wow!”, “Holy crap, that’s cool!” and “How’d you manage that?” between bouts of fighting with Joomla) have been working on a new product to ease management of large numbers of Virtualmin servers.

We’re not going to announce exactly what it is or what it can do, just yet, but we do want some folks to give it a try, so we’re going to tell you in what circumstances this product will be helpful to you and you can contact me if your deployment matches those criteria. If you do happen to match the criteria, you can try out the software for free throughout the beta period, and we’ll cut you a great deal when the beta period ends. In exchange, you’ll promise to keep quiet about the details of the new product until we announce it publicly in a couple of weeks, and to report bugs diligently and be patient while we fix them. OK, that’s out of the way, let’s get on to who this product is for. You will be just the right target for this product if any or all of the following conditions are true:

[li]You have five or more Virtualmin Professional servers, either dedicated or virtualized, and sometimes find yourself not sure on which Virtualmin server one of your domains or mailboxes or applications lives.[/li]
[li]You would like to install Virtualmin Professional on a lot of virtual private servers (like Xen or vservers or EC2) but haven’t done so because it’s complicated and time consuming to install it and manage it across a bunch (“bunch” here meaning about ten or more) of virtual systems. Maybe you’ve been fumbling along with only a few big dedicated Virtualmin Unlimited boxes because doling out dozens of smaller virtual Virtualmin 10 boxes and managing them was a problem.[/li]
[li]You have a fleet of Solaris systems and you’d like to put Solaris Zones to work for virtual hosting, but don’t have any good way to manage them.[/li]

It’s worth noting that in all of these cases, you’ll either already have, or be buying several Virtualmin Professional licenses. That part of the package isn’t free–only the new product is free for the beta testers. But I promise this is not just a clever scheme to get folks to buy more Virtualmin Professional licenses. We’re kind of hoping some of our favorite long-time customers will be the primary testers during this beta, so it’s probably mostly going to be folks who already have several Virtualmin Professional systems, and we’re just about to make their lives a lot easier. :wink:

Anyway, if you fit the bill send me an email at


I have a single main Virtualmin box, and several Webmin servers that are clustered in, all FreeBSD. Does that count?