best way to include wordpress + custom theme files in a new virtual server?

Hi guys,
what would be the easiest way to provide new clients with a fesh install of worpdress with an included custom theme?

So should i:

  1. modify the existing virtualmin gpl wordpress script so that it downloads the wordpress zip file from my own server (with custom theme in the wordpress zip file from my own url)?

  2. create a virtual server template with the wordpress files (including my custom wordpress theme in wp_content )

NOTE…i have no problem if clients need to run 5 minute install after the new virtual server is created. However, my main goal is to provide the custom theme as part of the wordpress instead of, for example, the default Wordpress 2019 theme.

anyone think of any other ways i should consider achieving this goal?

(eventually i would like to be able to automate the entire process such that a full working wordpress website, with custom theme, installs at the time the virtual server is created using a domain name input box (obviously user would need to setup A records at registrar first and be sure they have propogated to the webserver ip address)