best ssl certificate for store & virtualmin

I’m about to buy a certificate for my clients to make payments with a credit card through the site but I really don’t know what the best option is for Virtualmin. I don’t even know which is the best ecommerce package yet.

I have 2 websites on the virtual server that I want to set it up for and I tried to do this a year ago and don’t even know if I did that one right or messed up the server.

From what I’m seeing, I would either need a wildcard certificate or 2 ip addresses ( do have an additional ip address that i could use if I can figure out how to access it.)

Id say use 2 IP addresses and get 2 certificates from GeoTrust, it is easy to set up in virtualmin

Geotrust Premium Certificate $98.88/yr
Professional level certificate suitable for high transaction websites

* QuickSSL Premium Certificate  
* True 256-bit SSL Encryption  
* Compatible With 99% of All Browsers  
* Fully Automated Issuance  
* Single Root Certificate - Easy to Install  
* AICPA WebTrust Compliant  
* Business Registration (DUNS Equivalent)  
* Expert Technical Support  
* Free Lifetime, Self-service Reissues  
* Free Site Seal