Best script execution mode for Wordpress?

Hi, what is the best or most recommended script execution mode for Wordpress?
I’ve got small domain names all running wordpresses and have some minor problems with seem to be script execution mode (it is not really the reason I am asking), I was wondering - what is ideal script execution mode for it in terms of memory of the server and other performance? What would you recommend?

-Apache mod_php (run as Apache’s user)?
-CGI wrapper (run as virtual server owner)?
-FCGId (run as virtual server owner)?

And what are the settings should be such as script time limit etc.


Well, each solves a certain problem… it tends to come down to personal preference :slight_smile:

There’s a security benefit to CGI and FCGID, so I tend to suggest sticking with one of them when possible.

FCGID should be a bit faster, but CGI may use less memory (since things aren’t cached in RAM over time).


(F)CGI have another advantage: Files created/uploaded through PHP-based websites, like blogs or CMS, are created as the virtual server owner user. With mod_php, they’re created as the Apache user, causing access rights trouble when the server owner tries to do things with his files via FTP/SSH.

Thanks your help!

2Locutus: oh yeah, i’ve noticed that, now I know where the problem was coming from.