Best Practice for IMAP SSL and SMTP

Hello, does anyone have a best practice / how to, to enable imap ssl on webmin/virtualmin?


IMAP SSL should be enabled by default… but if you aren’t able to connect to that, you could always try copying an SSL certificate into Dovecot.

To do that, enable SSL for a particular Virtual Server, then go into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, and there you can copy that SSL cert into Dovecot.


It was disabled when i installed.
Ok i will do.
After is enabled for all ?

EDIT: I tried, yes is enabled for all other email.

I edit title for info on SMTP.
I have a default installation:
i have both port 25 and 587 open.
Using a client, like thunderbird, i can send email with smtp both on 25 and 587 with or without ssl.
Is it possible to restrict it only with ssl ( starttls )

Solved … needed to add:

smtpd_tls_security_level = encrypt


Restarted postfix as postfix documentation say


Great, I’m glad to hear you got things working!