Best packages for Centos 6 to install virtualmin gpl

Hi, have tried to install virtualmin on a fresh centos 6 install (both using the “Basic Server” and the “Minimal” settings), but keep getting alot of errors or just stuff completely missing (such as the dav server). Wondering what the best pre-installed (httpd, mysql etc…) packages would be for setting up virtualmin successfully on a fresh centos 6 server. Trying to get virtualmin to setup everything correctly without me having to go in and install 28 different perl packages manually to get something to work. I know last try i could not log in via ftp, but was able via sFTP no problem. This is a 64 bit version btw.


Well, typically an installation would pull in a stack of packages for you that are considered the “Virtualmin” stack. That includes Apache, BIND, MySQL, Postres, Postfix, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, ProFTP and others.

FTP logins should certainly after an install.

Are you by chance using a VPS? What is the output of the command “free -n” on your system?

We’ve occasionally seem unusual installation problems when dealing with low-memory systems, especially on OpenVZ-based VPS’s where there is no swap.


no vps being used, cent os 6 on the base server. System is not low end by any means. Currently running 16 gigs of ram and dual quad-core intel xeon’s. Just noticed that after the last attempt, with cent os6 +virtualmin, i could not access the server via standard ftp, my ftp client (filezilla) just stops, vs using port 22 for sFTP which connects immediately, that and a bunch of perl modules were missing for some reason, Test, Dav, and a few other i can remember off the top of my head. Will try it again tomorrow and record everything from start to finish.

almost forgot, i used cent os 5.5 previously with no problem in the world. Was considering just going back to it, but really want to make this cent os 6 work correctly

and the output of free -m (display megabytes):
Total Used Free
Mem: 16384 906 15478
Swap: 32768 0 32768

Okay, so you certainly aren’t one of the folks running into issues with RAM :slight_smile:

Now, regarding a few of the issues you mentioned –

As far as FTP goes, certain circumstances can arise that may require you to enable a connection tracking kernel module in order for FTP to work correctly.

To do that, you can run this command:

modprobe nf_conntrack_ftp

As far as the Perl modules go – Virtualmin wouldn’t install Perl modules unless they were a requirement for one of the services that it was configuring.

If you do run into additional problems – feel free to post them here, and we can go over them!