Best Hosting for Affiliate Website

What will be the best web hosting for an affiliate website?

The site will be micro and will be based on almost 100 pages.


Most if not all providers could be a candidate. You’ll have to elaborate on what would make a good provider.

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any guide on how can I compare those hosting companies?


You need to share what would make a good host based on your needs. Most providers can provide reasonable hosting so long as what you’re hosting does not violate their terms or the law.

Just want to make sure that, the host will be capable o handling at least 50k users at a time so the website doesn’t get choked.


You’ll want a VPS or dedicated server so that you can control the resources. Most shared providers will limit you if use too much resources.

Thanks for your guidance, I’ll contact a VPS provider

I think Bluehost will be a good choice for my website.

Is Bluehost a good choice? Their VPS plans are more expensive than those of others such as AWS and Vultr (which @stefan1959 has recommended, see link above). Additionally, Bluehost charges extra for their managed VPS plan.

Besides, I see nothing there which indicates that they specialise in affiliate hosting, which appears to be your primary requirement.

My suggestion is to subscribe to Contabo if you are looking for a low cost, albeit quirky, VPS service provider. But use this service only if you are an experienced systems admin due to the quirks that they have and their self-service philosophy. If you are not an experienced systems admin then go with popular VPS service providers like Vultr, Linode etc. AWS is the industry leader, of course, and that should be your first choice if you want access to the extensive documentation and body of knowledge available online about everything you might want to do with AWS.

In terms of reliability and support, I don’t think you can do better than Turnkey Internet for US-based hosting. I’m pretty sure I’ll be with them until I either retire or die, whichever comes first.

Bluehost is third behind Google and Microsoft in terms of my incoming spam. Some months they actually beat out Hotmail, which is saying something. It seems to me they don’t do much in terms of vetting new customers. I can’t imagine getting clean IP addresses from them.


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