Benefits of running Cloudmin with Webmin/Virtualmin guests vs other stack managers?


I’m looking at Cloudmin (I guess the Pro so I can run the hypervisors I like.) but I’m wondering if there are any benefits of using Cloudmin to manage Virtualmin guests that other stack managers don’t have.
Is there some slick integration or no? I can’t find anything in the feature lists or documents.

So why should I buy Cloudmin over another for use with Virtualmin?

Also, the screenshot link is broken and no demo doesn’t help.


If all or most of your guests will be running Virtualmin, there are significant benefits to using Cloudmin over other options. Moving Virtualmin accounts between servers, easily finding which server contains which Virtualmin domains or users, etc. are all made much nicer with Cloudmin. Cloudmin can also aggregate data between Virtualmin installs, so you can more readily see how your domains and such are distributed across machines. Cloudmin Services (free during the beta period, which is ending pretty soon) add the ability to easily have centralized MySQL and DNS services, with other services coming soon.

That said, if you really have a strong preference for another tool for managing your virtualization, you can still use Cloudmin for managing and aggregating all of your Virtualmin stuff. Cloudmin for Physical Servers is kinda “Cloudmin without the cloud”. It just acts as sort of a master admin panel for Virtualmin, which can be running on any sort of servers, including virtualized servers managed by other tools. You do lose some capabilities in this case, but you may gain others if the virtualization tools have features you need or want (but if there’s something missing from Cloudmin, let us know; it develops pretty fast based on what users are asking for).

Which screenshot link is broken? And, unfortunately, creating a live demo of a virtualization product is tricky…we’re still trying to figure out how to do it safely.

Oh, one other thing is the API. If you’re hooking the system up to your billing or web shop or whatever, Cloudmin’s API is very, very similar to Virtualmin’s, and provides an additional layer of smarts to make it easy to sell hosting services.

The API is documented here:

Specifically, the Virtualmin commands are here: