Being redirected to the default website

OS type and version: ubuntu18.04
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I’ve many sites hosted on my server, most of them are running well. But every once a while, when I try to open one of the sites like, it will instead open, and then it actually opens the default site of the server.

Both and the default site has no SSL installed - when I go to Server configuration->SSL Certificate, it shows “This virtual server does not have an SSL certificate yet. Use one of the tabs on this page to generate a cert and key.” is built with Wordpress. I’ve commented out all lines in .htaccess, but the problem persists. In the database, I can see “siteurl” and “home” are set as “”.

So I am really stuck here. Could someone tell me what could be causing this problem and how to fix it?

Honest question: Why are you intentionally running an unsecured site?


This site is for test and debug and experiment

Post a link to the site you’re trying to reach so we can see what is happening.

the site’s URL is
This is the 2nd site on my server having this problem, they are both built by Wordpress.

It was running well yesterday. Today, for testing purpose, I pointed to a shared hosting server and then pointed back to virtualmin. After this, when I go to it will try to open https and then go to the default site.

I am now trying to setup ssl for and see if it will help solve this problem.

But why it behaves like this is what I need to figure out.

After I set up Let’s Encrypt, it seems the website is back to normal - For now if I open it in incognito mode, it will work; however if I open it in normal mode, it still goes to the default site.

Your browser may cache the website. Do you have another device like a tablet, phone or another browser than your normal one to test?

For this site, after I set up Let’s Encrypt, it is good now - meaning although I have to open it with incognito mode but I know it is browser cache in play.
However, for the 1st one with this problem (url is , even though I open it with incognito mode or other device, it is still going to This one I haven’t set up Let’s Encrypt yet.

@shenkwen what is the link here? also whats should be default website? so we in community actually can test it before we give out any advice…


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